NOVAREX CO. LTD. provides total service including product planning, design, development,
OEM & ODM production, quality control and sales for customers.
Highest quality OEM and ODM functional food

We provide definitive service to our valuable customers with functional foods based on excellent manufacturing systems and strong research & development power with high quality control.

Develop Innovate Dietary Supplement

The R&D Institute of NOVAREX CO. LTD. leads to development of health food area and material standardization including research of functionality. We research and develop new qualified products frequently.

Focus on Global Business Expansion

In order to achieve worldwide recognition and distinction for our company we provide the highest quality products with our service and commitment to our clients. NOVAREX CO., LTD. export health food, dietary to worldwide.


NOVAREX CO. LTD. is received GMP Certificate by KFDA. NOVAREX CO. Ltd. has all of facility to make health functional foods. NOVAREX CO. LTD. can supply enough capacity of production, and also various shapes & colors are available.

"NOVAREX brings you the happy and healthy life ahead of you."

NOVAREX CO. LTD. is a leading OEM/ODM company for health supplements in South Korea. Established in 1995 under the name Rexgene biotech Co. Ltd., we have been manufacturing various types of products such as tablet, capsules (Soft & Hard capsules), powder, and gummy. Since then, we have invested strongly in a R&D institute to develop new products persistently while utilizing advanced technology.Our facilities operate with GMP by KFDA as a contract manufacturer for dietary supplements. It has taken committed hard work of 20 years in order to become one of top health supplements' OEM/ODM companies. Today, we make over two hundred food supplement products.

Our main customers are top brand food companies in South Korea including CJ, LG, KT&G and CKD etc. In order to continuously grow and withhold total service in the international market place, we will continue to connect with worldwide top brand customers such as GNC, Blackmores, and East Asian companies. As we have grown over the years, so has our commitment. We have set high standards in the health and nutritional industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety, and potency while utilizing cutting edge nutritional science technology. We will continue to help our customers improve their quality of life through better nutrition and healthier living with this commitment.



Our product Information

NOVAREX CO., LTD. manufactures more than 200 different products and applications for health functional food.


Natural Multi Vitamin

We have multiple vitamins for complete assurance or simple one-a-day formula for balanced support.

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Saw Palmetto

Our proprietary O2B™ peroxidation Blocker technology ensures long-term product stability and efficacy, making US Plus®

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Children Nutrient & CBP

It is essential to growing for Kids & Teens, an essential vitamins and minerals kid’s need,

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Eye health and Beauty

See clearly into the further & moisture for skin, manufacturing products for provided nutrition ...

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We manufacture various types of weight control and antioxidant ...

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Acidophilus influences the balance of the body’s natural flora.

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May Reduce the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease.

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Global Company Products

Manufacturing various type ...

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Our Ingredients

The R&D Institute at NOVAREX CO. LTD. leads to development of health food area and material standardization including research of functionality.
We research and develop new qualified products utilizing our technology and introduce the innovative new ingredients from other countries to our customers.
REXFLAVONE™ is a new innovative ingredient that contains isoflavonoid from Sophora Japonica Linne Fruits. REXFLAVONE™ has estrogen-like effects and various biological effects. REXFLAVONE™ has effect for menopause symptoms, prevention of osteoporosis, hyperlipemia and breast cancer and prostate cancer. REXFLAVONE™ carries no toxicity because it withholds pure extractions from the plant.
Colostrum Basic Protein
Colostrum Basic Protein
Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) is a complex fluid rich in nutrients and is also characterized by its high level of bioactive components, e.g. insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1), transforming growth factor beta-2 (TGF-β2).
Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto
Novarex Saw Palmetto products are being used and controlled strictly from raw material production to packing. Valensa’s Saw palmetto fruit extract is a raw material that is being managed by fatty acid dactylography of the American Pharmacopoeia and provided.
Xantigen™ is new weight management ingredient which has punicic acid and fucoxanthin from pomegranate seed and brown seaweed. This product developed by PoliNat, and Issued U.S. Patent for the Application entitled “Composition for Treating Obesity.” The seaweed extract has fucoxanthin which shows slimming properties by increasing energy expenditure, and reducing fat storage.
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Business Network

Growth with customers, Respect for customer values.
The NOVAREX CO. LTD. has built up both OEM and ODM system to meet various needs for our customers.

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Our Life Science R&D Institute has more than twenty full time scientists. We collaborate with universities, independent research institutes, and other experts. We are developing various technologies regarding to the extraction and formulation of bio-active components while screening novel materials. As a result of this effort, we now develop and produce reliable health supplements with science basis.

Today, Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) defined that health Functional Food ingredients should be specified by the standards and specifications of 88 types of functional ingredients of “Health Functional Food Code”. In addition, KFDA also approved Health functional food ingredients individually under “Health Functional Food Act and Regulation on Approval of Functional Ingredient” that in this case only the business persons who obtains the certificate can use it.

Our NOVAREX CO. LTD. established regulatory affairs team in our Life Science R&D Institute that consistently attempt to develop and find new functional ingredients to make and supply innovative new products in South Korea.

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