September 29, 2016


The R&D Institute at NOVAREX CO. LTD. leads to development of health food area and material standardization including research of functionality. We research and develop new qualified products from other countries by utilizing our technology in order to introduce the innovative new ingredients to our customers.



REXFLAVONE is a new innovative ingredient that contains isoflavonoid from Sophora Japonica Linne Fruits. REXFLAVONE has estrogen-like effects and various biological effects. REXFLAVONE has effect for menopause symptoms, prevention of osteoporosis, hyperlipemia and breast cancer and prostate cancer. REXFLAVONE carries no toxicity because it withholds pure extractions from the plant.

sophora_japonica-_linne-1Advantage of REXFLAVONE

– High isoflavonoid content
– Enhanced absorption prepared aglycon form
– Non toxicity extracted from herbs
– Various concentration 10%~90%
– No trouble of GMO, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals
– Competitive power of low price
– The KFDA approved individual approved type of Health
Functional Food ingredient(NO. 2010-27).

Clinically proven phytoisoflavone:

REXFLAVONE showed significant decrease Kupperman Index for 8 weeks treatment. All items also showed a tendency to improve, particularly hot flash,fatigue, insomnia and headache.
According to evaluation of KI index (p<0.0392), it was shown that REXFLAVONEmight improve the physiological and psychological menopause symptoms.








CBP (Colostrum Basic Protein)

Colostrum Basic Protein (CBP) is a complex fluid rich in nutrients and is also characterized by its high level of bioactive components, e.g. insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1), transforming growth factor beta-2 (TGF-β2).

Functional effects of Colostrum basic protein (Animal test result)









Increasing of Serum IGF-1 and Growth hormone









Saw Palmetto

USPlus Saw Palmetto of Valensa U.S.A is recognized as the best quality in the world market.

Novarex Saw Palmetto products are being used and controlled strictly from raw material production to packing. Valensa’s Saw palmetto fruit extract is a raw material that is composed of fatty acid dactylography of the American Pharmacopoeia.

(U.S. Pharmacopeia Saw Palmetto Extract. USD26-NF21 First Supplement.2003, p.3024-25).

Valensa’s Saw Palmetto extract is fed through a strict quality control and provided by Novarex. Quality guarantee with organic farming and Kosher Certification.

The advantage of the Saw Palmetto fruit is that it is produced by ultra-high pressure supercritical extraction. Supercritical extraction technique only uses carbon dioxide as the solvent can pass the efficacy of the natural effect as itself. Unique, deep, and rich in color which shows significant difference from other manufacturers. Furthermore, according to Valensa’s research, it contains three times more of Beta-carotene, 10 times more of Lutein, and 30 times more of Zeaxanthin content compared to other manufacturers’.

15p-1-usplussaw-pametto-rosso-1USPlus® & Saw Pametto Rosso®

USPlus® : Ultra high pressure extract, deep and rich color
Rosso® : Brilliant natural rose-colored extract, low concentration



Xantigen™ is a newly developed weight management ingredient that carries punicic acid and fucoxanthin from pomegranate seed and brown seaweed. This product is developed by PoliNat and was issued a U.S. Patent as an application entitled “Composition for Treating Obesity”. The seaweed extract that carries fucoxanthin shows slimming properties by increasing energy (expenditure) and reducing fat storage.

It is also a source of omega-3 fatty acids which have recognized triglyceride lowering effects. The pomegranate seed oil contains much punicic Acid that suppress’ production and secretion of apolipoproteins triglycerides as well.

Xantigen™ is supported by clinical and pre-clinical research.

– Peer-reviewed, published, double-blind, and undergone placebo-controlled clinical trials.
– Study subjects that took 600 mg dose of Xanthigen™ daily lost an average of 14.2 pounds (6.6 kg) over sixteen weeks. Significant differences in weight loss vs. placebo began at 6 weeks.
– Xantigen™ supplementation also resulted in significant body composition improvements including reduced body and liver fat.
– Significant improvements in blood lipids, liver enzymes and blood pressure demonstrate better overall health in subjects consuming Xanthgen™.

NOVAREX CO. LTD. got approval of Xanthigen™ as functional ingredient for Health Functional Food by KFDA 2013.

Xanthigen™ is approved as functional ingredient for Health Functional Food by KFDA 2013.










We emphasis on international business and succeed to make potential partnerships with global food supplements companies. We currently work with GNC, blackmores and other eastern Asian companies. Our annual sales were more than 1.5 million dollars for final product to eastern Asian countries in 2015.

Lactomin Cap (export to Thailand and Vietnam)

– Microencapsulated probiotic product with a pleasant taste.
– Good heat stability and stable to acidity.
– High survival rate along the pathway of intestines.


Lactomin Plus

– Coated probiotics with three kinds of lactic acid bacteria.
– Stability during storage and distribution, stability against gastric fluid.
– Increasing export to Asian market and development of new product for children.



Lactomin Capsule and Plus

– Produces antibiotics, covers the intestinal mucous, adjusts the pH value, and repulses bacteria that causes diarrhea.
– Produces an abundance of digestive enzymes, especially lactase to digest lactose.
– Stimulates peristaltic of the intestine.
– Inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause putrefaction in the large intestine and produce toxins in the body.

Advantage of Lactomin

– A mixture of three kinds of lactic acid bacteria.
– Microencapsulated lactic acid bacteria manufactured by NOLTEC technique, not to be destroyed by gastric juice.
– FOS excipients (Fructose Oligo Saccharide) is a natural fibrous matter used to prevent constipation and is a specific sugar for the growth of bacteria.


Lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum,Streptococcus faecalis) are “friendly” bacteria. Many clinical trials have demonstrated their positive properties

– Helpful in lactose intolerance.
– Prevention of constipation.
– Stimulation of immunity activities.
– Inhibition of putrefaction in the intestine which is not only the cause of aging and acne but also hepato encephalopathy.
– Growth inhibition of various harmful bacteria to re-equalize system of microorganisms, especially in case of diarrhea.

NOVAREX CO. LTD. also supplies various type of Multi vitamin & mineral product to Global companies such as GNC and Blackmores.